I just cannot believe that someone else edits photo in the exact same shade of grey with the exact same uneven drop shadows and the exact same mistakes and the exact same dimensions. 

People. *throws hands up in the air*

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theoncomingstormborns asked: Hey you mentioned that this post was stolen from you, would you mind linking me to the original that you posted so I could reblog off you? I really like the post. /post/83201438588/oh-look-lazy-people-using-my-edits-to-create-a

Sure, here you go: 

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 7

Photo 11 

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Vivian Maier: Florida. January 9, 1957.

Arriving at the Academy Awards. Photographed by Edward Clark. (1950)

Marc Riboud- Couple, Londres ,1954.

a dog performing tricks, undated [original]
photographer unknown, from berlin. portrait of a city.

couple at the gare saint-lazare, c. 1937 [original]
© brassaï, from brassaï, pour l’amour de paris (for the love of paris)